We frequently receive questions about how this new and exciting technology — and how the process works for you.
Below please find answers to commonly asked questions:

  • Q. How long will it take to receive my products?
  • A. Your action pictures™ products will normally be produced and shipped within 2-3 business days. The delivery speed depends on the shipping method you select :
    • Standard (1st class/ parcel post) : 3-5 business days
    • Priority : 2 business days
    • Overnight : 3.p.m. next business day
  • Q. What if my order does not arrive?
  • A. Please contact our customer care department at 1-888-821-4234
  • Q. Which web browsers can I use?
  • A. action pictures™ currently supports Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer (8 and later).
  • Q. What if I am having problems uploading my images?
  • A. Consider upgrading your web browser to the latest version.
  • Q. What kind of photos are best for action pictures™ Products?
  • A. Most photos will work just fine but please see the Helpful Tips page for obtaining the best results possible.
  • Q. Is there a Minimum Resolution requirement?
  • A. Yes. Please see the Helpful Tips page.
  • Q. Can I use photos scanned from my film camera?
  • A. Yes, as long as the scanned images have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  • Q. Can I get custom sized prints?
  • A. Not at this time.
  • Q. What is Lenticular Imaging?
  • A. If you feel your action pictures™ card, you will notice a ridged surface on the front of the print. This ridged surface is actually a lenticular lens which allows you to see different images when you hold it at different angles.
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